Phone Consultation (20 Minutes) - Free

In-Home Consultation (1 to 1.5 Hours) - $80


Beautiful & Organized

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE! Are you ready to invest in your space and yourself? Get a handle on the chaos and stress in your life with this 40 hour package to be completed on a custom schedule to meet the your unique needs. Whether you know you need help taking back control of your spaces and/or you want them to be impeccable and look like they’ve just been featured in your favorite styling magazine, this package has been designed with you in mind!

Package Includes:

  • 40 on-site labor hours

  • Shopping service 

  • Premium labels 

  • Full service donation & discard service (*paint, tires & large items at additional cost*) 

  • Polished look

  • Add on additional hours as needed until project completion

$3200 $800 Deposit Required

Clean Sweep

Is it time to declutter and organize several areas in your space? This package will help you make a clean sweep in several rooms and will teach you some basic principles of organizing to help you maintain your new areas!

Package Includes:

  • 28 on-site labor hours

  • Shopping service 

  • Basic  labels 

  • One car load of donations & recycle taken at end of each day

  • Finished look

  • Add on additional hours as needed until project completion

$2240 $560 Deposit Required

It's Handled

If you have a couple of smaller spaces to work through or one larger space this package is the perfect way to get neat & tidy over 16 hours! You will also likely have “homework” to be completed between sessions.

Package Includes:

  • 16 on-site labor hours

  • Product recommendations given during sessions

  • Basic labels 

  • One car load of donations at end of project

  • Functional look

  • Add on additional hours as needed until project completion

$1280 $320 Deposit Required


There For You 
One session per month for six months, plus follow up support. $300 per month.
This package is only for those who have finished at least one session with us
and would like monthly help maintaining their new spaces and systems.


Most sessions are 4-hours long.​ 


All packages include the following:

  • Research & planning required to customize your space.

  • Dedicated, shared Pinterest board to facilitate ideas and planning

  • Recommendations for other service providers that could be useful (movers, painters, handymen, etc).

  • Coordinating and/or transporting donated items to your choice of charity.

  • Email or text follow-up questions for up to 30 days after your sessions.


*Rates are per organizer, additional organizers are available as needed should the job require them.


Neat & Tidy

First Time Cleaning (up to 4hrs) -  $200

Recurring Cleanings- $40/hr

Includes phone, video, or in-home consult, customized & detailed cleaning plan, all cleaning equipment & products unless the client has preferred products on hand.

*Rates are per cleaner, additional cleaners are available as needed for larger jobs.