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Welcome to Tips & Tricks with One Less Stress!

A blog? I’ve asked this question to multiple well meaning business coaches, friends, and social media strategists. I just couldn’t get behind the idea of putting my thoughts out into the world in this way. Would anyone read it? Would anyone care? What value would it bring? I still don’t know the answers to those questions, but what I do know is I have an itch to share my thoughts, adventures, and take on all things organizing with a broader audience. So here I am, writing my very first blog!

What will you find here? First things first, I’ll share all about my unique take on organizing, what matters about it, what doesn’t, how you can positively affect your home and overall mental and emotional well being with it, and how to reach out for help when you need it. There’s bound to be blogs on coffee, taking trips, and anything related to Gilmore Girls and New England. They are my love language!! Guest blogs from my team of organizers and anyone else I find interesting with a positive spin on life. This will also be one of the first places you’ll hear what’s new and upcoming with One Less Stress, so stay tuned & subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

How to get the most from the blog? Well first, subscribe! This may sound silly or unnecessary but a major piece of staying organized is setting reminders for yourself about things you want to do or find out more about. Following, subscribing, or turning on notifications is the best way to do that and of course you can turn them off if I ever get too annoying. ;) Second, bookmark this page or take screenshots of any info you love and want to keep handy. Third, engage with us! I love questions, like seriously love them so please ask for more info or clarification as needed and comment with all the love too! Want me to cover something in particular? Ask away!

That’s it! Blog one done! I hope you found it at least a little humorous and informational. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

~Megan Owner/Organizer


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